Aluminum Toe
Meets ASTM Safety Standards
Red Wing Waterproofing
Puncture Resistant
Meets ASTM Safety Standards
Slip Resistant
Meets ASTM Safety Standards
Electrical Hazard
Meets ASTM Safety Standards
Canadian Safety Standards
Work - Style 3574
Item No. 03574


Men's 6-inch Waterproof, CSA Safety Toe Boot
Dial in a uniform fit in these extremely lightweight, puncture-resistant, CSA-approved, medium-duty work boots with the BOA® Fit System. They're made with recycled and plant-based materials throughout while upholding the highest levels of durability, flexibility, and comfort. The oiled, waxed, and waterproof Nubuck leather upper provides superior support and incorporates a padded collar and tongue for extra comfort. Underneath, the slip-resistant Vibram® ReGrip DLT outsole made with recycled rubber provides best-in-class heat and abrasion resistance. These boots also include aluminum safety toe and electrical hazard protection. The ideal choice for keeping you moving and safe in construction, warehousing, and other active trades.

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The pinnacle of safety, sustainability and performance

  • Recycled and plant-based materials used throughout
  • Offers exceptional lightweight durability, flexibility and out-of-the-box comfort
  • Vibram® ReGrip DLT outsole made with recycled rubber provides best-in-class slip, heat and abrasion resistance
  • Great for construction, warehousing and other active trades
Mid duty scale

The Apex 3574 features:

Soles that have been designed and tested to perform on high heat surfaces. Soles identified as HRO are heat resistant to melting at a minimum of 475º Fahrenheit.
Dial in to fast, effortless, precision fit with the BOA® Fit System, built for all-day performance in any environment. Push in to engage the system, turn the dial to micro-adjust to a custom, precision fit, and pull up for fast release.
These insoles provide maximum protection from foot injuries due to sole puncture. Made of multiple layers of high tenacity fibres, pre-treated with a special ceramic, these non-metallic textile inserts are lightweight, flexible, highly comfortable, thermal insulated and non-detectable by metal devices (in products made with appropriate toe protection).
Red Wing Waterproofing System
This system uses a 3-layer approach to keep feet dry.1 - Linings help move moisture away from the foot to keep it dry. 2 - Foam provides cushioning and a comfortable fit. 3 - A waterproof bootie is a barrier to keep water out. Tricot, a protective material, is applied to the outside of the bootie to ensure a complete waterproof system.
Slip Resistant
Standard for performance requirements when evaluating slip resistance of protective footwear using a certified whole shoe test method.

Product Details

Materials Used

Technical Specifications - Apex style 3574

Safety Toe
Aluminum Toe
Leather Type
Nubuck, Waterproof, Oiled and Waxed
CSA Standard
CSA Grade 1, ESR Rated, PR
Red Wing Waterproofing
Lenzi PS5ES Puncture Resistant
ReGripDLT - Black-Tan Fleck
3 lbs. 2 oz.
Globally Sourced

Waterproof & Smooth-Finished Leather Care

Cleaning Boot Illustration

1. Clean

Use warm water and a brush to remove dirt from footwear. Dry with a cloth. For heavily soiled areas, apply Waterproof Leather Cleaner with a cloth or brush. Wipe cleaner away with a damp cloth and allow leather to dry.

Condition Boot Illustration

2. Condition

Apply a light, even coat of Leather Cream to leather with fingers, cloth or sponge. Proper conditioning keeps leather healthy and extends the life of footwear.

Protect Boot Illustration

3. Protect

Lightly mist footwear with Leather Protector six to eight inches away from the leather in a sweeping motion. Leather Protector provides a shield against dirt and moisture. It will not darken footwear.

Work Repair

Repair Service

Red Wing Shoes' sturdy soles, premium leathers, triple-stitching and welt construction all work together to make boots that last a lifetime. It takes more than 230 steps to handcraft a pair of Red Wing boots; it only takes a few steps to keep them in top condition. One of these steps is resoling and repairing your Red Wings before the damage becomes irreversible. Red Wing Shoe Company operates our very own repair shop at our Red Wing, Minnesota, manufacturing facility.

Please visit our Repairs page for more information and frequently asked questions.

The Apex uses these care products