Our goal is simple: We want you to have a great experience shopping with us. Once you receive your item, you have 30 days to make a return. We will issue a refund if the item is in its original condition. If you would like to make an exchange, please return your item and place another order. Refunds are issued back to the original payment method.

How do I return my online order?

Online orders can be returned within 30 days of receiving the item. Visit the Order Status page to view your order and to start a return. Return shipping is free. Returns are processed within 7 days of receiving your returned item, usually sooner. We are unable to return merchandise obtained from any retailer other than Please return the item to the original retailer.

How do I return my store purchase?

For purchases made at a Red Wing Shoe store, we require that you return the item to the store where you made the purchase. All returns must be accompanied by the purchase receipt and returned to the store where the item was originally purchased. Please contact the store for any specific return policies.


If this is a warranty return, please see our warranty information:

Questions about returns?

If you have any concerns after 30 days, please give us a call. We are here to help. Contact customer service at  1-800-733-9464 or  Contact Us.