Preventing Fraud

At Red Wing Shoe Company, we want consumers to receive remarkable products, services, and experiences. Criminals trying to steal a consumer's identity or money may pose as Red Wing Shoe Company. You need to be on guard to protect yourself. In this digital age, online scams and fraudulent activities are becoming more common. Below are some suggestions on how you can protect yourself against this criminal activity.


Fake websites, pop-up ads, surveys, emails, social media posts, and advertisements may pretend to be from or authorized by Red Wing Shoe Company. These scams are not from Red Wing Shoe Company but are trying to entice you to disclose personal information such as:

  • Name and address
  • Social Security Number
  • Credit card number / bank account number
  • PIN / password

These scams may offer to sell what appears to be Red Wing product at deeply discounted amounts but may not be delivered to you. These scams are seeking to steal your identity or money.

Here are some tips to help you determine if a promotion is authentic:

  • Unsolicited electronic communications from Red Wing Shoe Company do not ask for your personal information such as username, password, credit card information, birth date or Social Security number. Never provide personal information in response to an electronic communication.
  • If you receive an order confirmation email for something you did not order, do not click on any links or open any attachments.
  • If you receive a communication that looks like it is from Red Wing Shoe Company, check to see who sent it. Be aware of typos and misspellings of email addresses. When in doubt, don't respond.
  • Be particularly cautious of pop-up ads, Facebook ads, and other unrelated websites offering Red Wing product at substantial discounts. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Below is a list of the authentic websites where Red Wing Shoe Company customers can purchase authentic products directly from Red Wing Shoe Company:


Some advertisements "pop up" in a separate browser window advising that you have won a contest or request that you participate in a survey to collect a prize. They may ask that you provide personal information in order to receive your gift. By clicking on the link, it is possible that you are also downloading viruses designed to capture or destroy information on your computer.


Beware of e-mails offering jobs. The emails may appear authentic. They may contain a subject line such as "Provisional Job Offer," and pretend to have been sent directly from a Red Wing executive or from Red Wing’s Human Resources Department. Enclosures, such as company information sheets and detailed questionnaires, may display the Red Wing Shoe Company logo. The emails may include a request for payment of a processing fee of several hundred dollars and/or they may offer reimbursement for certain job-application or relocation expenses.

These emails are fraudulent. Red Wing Shoe Company does not extend job offers via email to individuals with whom it has had no prior contact. Red Wing does not ask prospective employees to pay a fee to be considered for a position or to receive a job offer. These fraudulent job offers do not come from Red Wing and they will not be honored by Red Wing.

You should not respond to any of these job offers by revealing personal information, nor should you send any funds in response to them. If you receive one of these fraudulent offers, please report the matter to the U.S. Secret Service


A similar but low-tech scam circulates occasionally, in the form of a coupon and instructions to use it. You will be instructed to either send some sort of payment in order to receive and/or activate the coupon, or be provided with a fictitious coupon. The coupon you receive may look authentic and may contain Red Wing Shoe Company’s logos on it. Do not click on any link or provide any personal information. When in doubt, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-733-9464.


Red Wing Shoe Company cannot return, refund, service, or otherwise authenticate product that does not come from Red Wing Shoe Company. In addition, Red Wing will not match pricing or other offers from unauthorized retailers or websites.

Please contact Customer Service (1-800-733-9464) if you have additional questions.