Oil-Tanned Leather Care


Oil-Tanned leather is made with minimal finishing materials, which creates a distinctive natural look and feel. Oil-Tanned leather is exceptionally durable and has been used to build countless Red Wing styles over the years. It is water, stain, and perspiration resistant. Actively maintaining leather is the most effective way to ensure integrity and longevity. Learn more with our Red Wing care guides.

Cleaning Boot

1. Clean

Use warm water and a brush to remove dirt from footwear. Dry with a cloth. For heavily soiled areas, apply Foam Leather Cleaner with a cloth or brush. Wipe cleaner away with a damp cloth and allow leather to dry.

Condition Boot

2. Condition

Apply a light, even coat of All Natural Boot Oil, Mink Oil, or All Natural Leather Conditioner to leather with fingers, cloth, or sponge. Proper conditioning keeps leather healthy and extends the life of footwear.

Protect Boot

3. Protect

Lightly mist footwear with Leather Protector six to eight inches away from the leather in a sweeping motion. Leather Protector provides a shield against dirt and moisture. It will not darken footwear.


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"Red Wing Shoes Leather Care"
"Step 1: Clean"
Hands opening Red Wing Shoes Foam Leather Cleaner and agitating two lids of product with one-half to one cup clean water with included sponge.
Hands using the Brush to remove excess dirt from boot.
Hand squeezing out excess water and soap from sponge and gently washing the leather to remove dirt and grime.
"Step 2: Condition"
Hands pick up the Red Wing Shoes Care Cloth and pours some All Natural Boot Oil onto it.
Hand massages All Natural Boot Oil onto boot.
Hand uses Brush to buff boot oil into leather of boot.
"Step 3: Protect"
Hand sprays Red Wing Shoes Leather Protector lightly over boot.
Flashes of boot before and after care process.
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