SuperSole® X Heavy-Duty Work Boot

Tested From Day One. Delivers Til Day's End.

A new level of durability to meet the needs of heavy-duty environments and harsh job sites.

SuperSole® X styles provide increased durability and comfort, with a soft inner sole that provides cushion and comfort, while the outer sole offers durability and protection.

Heavy-Duty Work Boots Ideal For:

Oil and gas industry, construction, manufacturing and railroads.

The Next Generation Of Comfort And Safety

Close up of leather being sewn with sewing machine

Made In The USA To Perform Worldwide.

The SuperSole X is made in the USA, stitch to sole. It is meticulously hand-crafted by American workers, every step of the way.

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Innovated and Improved To Keep You Safe.

The SuperSole X is developed to be best-in-class against heat, abrasion, slippage and chemicals. We put every part of the boot through rigorous testing, so it can stand up to the toughest jobs.

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A Legacy Of Work Done Right.

More lightweight and comfortable, The SuperSole X is the next generation of a boot that's been protecting tradesworkers on the job for over 40 years.

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Style 4433 |
6-Inch Boot

SuperSole style 4433
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Supersole 2.0

Style 2406 |
6-Inch Boot

SuperSole 2.0 style 2406
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Supersole X

Style 2533 |
6-Inch Boot

SuperSole X style 2533
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