Todd Becker

Commercial Soda Fountain Installer | Tucson, AZ | Style 2218

Todd Becker

Commercial Soda Fountain Installer


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An enduring symbol of an honest day’s work.

I started wearing Red Wings because of my Dad, the hardest-working guy I’ve ever known. As a proud member of the Communication Workers of America, he put in 35 years as a service troubleshooter and installer for Bell. He climbed poles fixing telephone lines in the rain, sleet, and snow. It was something he loved to do.

When he was working, my Dad started and ended his days the same way: by lacing and unlacing his work boots. Come to think of it, he still does this in retirement.

Considering the time and space between my father and me, it’s surprising how much alike we are. We’re both dedicated union members who love putting in the work to keep things running like they should. And we both know that special feeling of accomplishment you get after a long day on the job.

I’m now in my 24th year at Coca-Cola Bottling. I’ve spent the last 19 years in Fountain Service, installing and servicing soda systems. And just like my father so many years before me, I start and end the day lacing and unlacing my Red Wings.

Until recently, I wore 2231s because of their ankle support. Now I wear steel-toed loggers because my job takes me into bars, restaurants, and construction areas that can be wet and slippery. These boots give me great traction. They never fail me when I need them to perform.

To me, Red Wing symbolizes the hardworking American, through and through. And I know from experience why so many workers wear only Red Wing boots.