Michael Rydman

Diesel Technician | Toledo, OH | Style

Michael Rydman

Diesel Technician


I've worked in factories most my life, and have worn Red Wing boots for the past 22 years. I tried saving money with other work boot brands. They felt great when I tried them on, but they were starting to wear and my legs, back and knees were killing me after just a couple weeks. I replaced those boots with my first pair of Red Wings and I immediately felt the difference.

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The past 16 years I have been in fleet maintenance for trucking businesses, and right now I'm with one of the world's largest delivery companies. I work with coolants, oils, solvents, mineral spirits and chassis grease. We even power-wash our own trucks. I also do a lot of welding, cutting with torches and all mechanicals, and I'm constantly walking on bolts, screws and hot metal. My Red Wings protect me through it all.

My dad was a forklift mechanic and truck driver, and we always made repairs whenever something broke down. From those experiences I feel like I can fix and make almost anything. When I know an off-the-shelf tool isn't the best fit for something I'm doing, I just fire up the welder and create one of my own. I've fabricated dozens of tools from scratch over the years, and many of them are in my toolbox today. I've even submitted a few of my best ideas to the big tool manufacturers.

My buddies in the shop laugh at me at first for making my own tools. But more often than not, those same people end up asking for one of what I made for themselves.

I take great pride in knowing that what we do in this shop makes everyone on the road safer. I treat every truck I work on as if my family will be following right behind it on the highway. It is satisfying to hear that we are known for our quality, and others in this shop seek me out in when a problem requires getting creative.

I love my job, I love my shop and I love my Red Wings. If I weren't limited to 40 hours a week, I'd be at work even more.


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