Jim Seger

Safety Specialist | Canton, OH | Style 952

Jim Seger

Safety Specialist


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Thirty-five years of hard work and no pain.

I was working at a truss factory for 10 hours a day on a concrete floor. I wore old tennis shoes for the job, and my feet were killing me. My brother-in-law recommended Red Wing boots, so I bought a pair. The difference was unbelievable. The pain in my feet and calves disappeared instantly.

That was 35 years ago, and I still have that first pair. I’ve had many other Red Wings over the years, but I couldn’t part with these originals. The soles are still in pretty good shape and they still fit like a glove.

After I left the truss factory, I got a degree in safety science and spent 27 years at two oil refineries, with every step taken in Red Wing boots. Now I work for an alternative energy startup, where we’re building a one-megawatt power plant that will be twice as efficient as a coal-fired plant.

I set up the entire safety program myself — and since I know firsthand what a difference the right work boots will make, you guessed it. I made sure our whole team got fitted for Red Wings.