Charles Ivy

Construction Manager | Covington, LA | Style 1178
Charles Ivy

Construction Manager

Covington, LA

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These boots helped launch a career.

I grew up around Red Wing boots. My dad was an industrial electrician and he wore his every day. He bought me my first pair when I turned 18, a pair of 1178s.

Those boots not only got me through my summer work, they may have gotten me a jump on my career. I wore them to my first job fair out of college. The event was 'dress casual,' so I had some second thoughts about wearing work boots there. But I had hurt my back in a car accident, and I could walk around in my Red Wings with the least amount of pain.

Turns out I made the right call. The recruiter noticed my boots right away. He must've thought I was one of them, somebody who has worked the fields. Because that connection led to an interview and eventually my first job at a chemical plant outside New Orleans.

I did all kinds of different work after that. Building power plants and chemical plants. Working the oil fields and working around the clock on refinery shutdowns. Doing top-side construction for an offshore production platform that produced 50,000 barrels a day. And planning one of three deep-water oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

Through it all, Red Wings have been my go-to boots. They're really comfortable and last forever. They're made in the USA, too. I still swear by them to this day, 20 years after they probably landed me that first job.


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