Red Wing Made

For over 100 years, Red Wing boots have been built with construction techniques that transform premium materials into supremely durable boots and shoes. Each pair is made with tremendous detail, across every step needed to make a Red Wing boot. Turning premium leather into the best footwear is a complex and involved process. At Red Wing, we do that through a unique combination of advanced technology and handmade craftsmanship. From finishing leather hides through packing and putting boots in boxes to ship, we take absolute pride in building the best there is.

Red Wing Made - Tanning Red Wing Made - Tanning
We begin by carefully preparing, coloring and finishing our leather hides at S.B. Foot Tannery, owned and managed by Red Wing.
Preparing, coloring and finishing leather hides
Red Wing Made - Assembly Red Wing Made - Assembly
Through stitching, fitting, lasting and soling, our hides are transformed into finished boots.
Stitching and fitting, to lasting and soling, the assembly process turns hides into finished boots
Red Wing Made - Shipping Red Wing Made - Shipping
We take the same amount of pride in how our boots are picked, packed and prepared for distribution to customers around the world.
Picking and packing all products and accessories for distribution around the globe