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4216 Men's 6-inch Boot

Spice Tramper Leather More Information
Leather is the major component in boot durability, wear, and performance. RWSC tans its own leathers at our S.B. Foot Tannery in Red Wing, MN.
Direct Attach More Information
Construction refers to the method used to attach the completed upper to the bottom. Our construction methods are determined by work use and work conditions. Learn more about construction methods.
Bontex® More Information
The insole is the supportive layer directly between the outsole and the footbed. Insoles vary in thickness to complement the features of the boot. Learn more about insoles.
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The last is the solid form around which the shoe is built during the shoe-making process. The fit of a boot depends on the design, shape and volume of the last.
Rubber-PU Auger - Black More Information
The outsole is commonly referred to as the "sole" of the shoe. It is the most functional part of a work boot, where the shoe meets the ground.
Country Of Origin:
Made in China More Information
Today, 98.8% of all footwear purchased in the United States is manufactured offshore. RWSC continues to manufacture over 60% of our Red Wing brand products in the U.S.
Care Products:
Leather Protector,NaturSeal™ 
Defined Heel:
Yes-90 Degrees 
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  • ehElectrical Hazard
  • nmtNon-Metallic Toe
  • wWaterproof

Sizes: D 7-12,13,14,15,EE8-12,13,14

Rated 4.6 out of 5 by 11reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by This product is outstanding, but loud! Great boot, easy to break in, love the twist button. The only negative is that noise is very loud, and my spouse works nights and sleeps days so I have to twist the button outside. Holds up to cold nd wet, and saved my toes in two different misaps, so to me they are worth everycent. Going on two years now. Will buy again when I need another pair. February 24, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by good boot love the boot i have had for a year and a half. But need new wire laces they are hard too find the place were we bought them dont carrie the wire laces. find it a little hard too believe. I realy need some. And does one size fit all. January 3, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Very Good Boot, Great Lace System I'll start by saying I've used the 435 and most recently 2240 for years. The 2240 is the best boot I've ever owned. At least for me they have been comfortable out of the box, waterproof for a couple years with zero maintenance, and each pair has lasted at least two years of every day rough use before I was ready for a new pair (although all old ones are still useable). The one consistent problem I had with them was the metal eyes for the laces wear the laces out quickly. Going through 3-4 pairs of laces a year and having to deal with them breaking pushed me towards the 4216.So for these boots, overall they are great. I love the lacing system. I'm a contractor and go from muddy sites to finished houses frequently so my boots are on and off a lot. They don't tighten up any quicker then tying a lace, (might even be slower) but they come off in a second. I also sometimes doube-knot my laces if on scaffolding, etc., and this elimiates that hassle with the security of a tight fit. One thing worth mentioning that I never noticed with snowboard boots is they are a little loud to tighten. At 4:30 in the morning tiptoing around getting ready for work you definitely can't tighten them near anyone sleeping. It's a little strange to get used to overall but definitely worth any time it takes. Not sure about longevity, but with the BOA guarantee, I plan on replacing the lace system at the first signs of wear anyway.As for the boots be honest I thought about switching them after a couple of weeks for my old trusted boots. In the end the lace system won me over but the overall comfort as compared to 435/2240 is the reason for the missing star. The break in wasn't bad. One week of alternating boots and they were good to go. I wear my boots 12 hours a day 5-6 days a week and I need them to be comfortable. The soles on these are fairly rigid, and even after a month there is a noticeable lack of flex as I walk. It also means they are not as coushioned as my previous boots. A long day on my feet makes me notice the boots, which I never did before. I'm hoping there is a tradeoff with how long they last as the soles wearing through is typically why I replaced 2240's. I might buy insoles, but have never had to with Red Wings before but I'd be willing to do that for the lace system. Overall quality is great as expected. Still new but completely waterproof. One other comfort issue I've found is when kneeling down in certain positions the safety toe digs into my foot. Fairly easy to adjust how your foot is positioned to eliminate it but never had that happen so easily with other Red Wings. Could be the King Toe on other boots I use though...and I wish these came with the King Toe.Overall a great product. Depending on what boot you use, these could be more or less comfortable then I've found them to be. If not for the lace system I'd switch back to 2240, but my real test for boots is time. If they last as long as I'm used to and stay at least as comfortable as they are now I'd buy again. January 3, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Save your money Got a pair of these boots and within two months I needed to get them replaced for a new pair, then not even a year after with the new pair they are falling apart. The soles are ripping out on this pair and the toungue was messed up with first pair. With the price you pay these should last way more than a year otherwise what's the benefit I can get the same protection from many other boots for a fraction of the price.I took the boots home once a month and washed them, re conditioned the leather, and treated again for water proofing (products all purchased again from red wing) so it's not like I treated these boots bad at all, just poor build quality for what you pay for December 12, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Going on a year and a half I love these boots. It's the most comfortable red wings I ever owned. I was skepticle of the lace system when I first purchased them and turns out I really like the system. I work as a electrician and I like not having to tie my boots on scaffolds. I also weld as a hobby and doesn't affect these boots at all. I'm only replacing them because I painted the interior of my house with a gun and have gotten white paint on them. November 10, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by red wing 4216 a co-worker has a pair,when i first saw them i said WOW!!!! a couple month's later i had to get a pair.they replaced a pair of red wing boots ( i prefer boots,for the last15 yrs) but LOVE these shoes the lace system gives me infinite adjustment,i can wear it loose like a boot or tighten up when need to on uneven terrain,just awesome !!!.very comfortable shoe,minimal break in period. October 6, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Highly recommended! I absolutely love these boots. Once you get past the initial "breaking in" stage (that exists with any new boots) theses are probably the most comfortable boots I've ever owned. I love the metal lace up system too. I can take them off in a flash, and I've never owned another pair that I can tighten with one hand. If I had to find something I would change about them, I might consider making the ratcheting mechanism a bit quicker so that it takes fewer turns to get them fully tightened, but I'm really nitpicking. Great pair of work boots! September 18, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Amazing The BOA lace system is Great. I work with ladders all day and i never have to worry about laces getting loose or stuck in rungs of the ladder.when it comes to comfort i noticed i would keep my boots on long after the work day was completed. i am very pleased with these boots and plan on purchasing a pair of sneakers in the future. September 14, 2014