Oil-Tanned Leather Care

Oil-Tanned leather is made with minimal finishing materials, which creates a distinctive natural look and feel. Oil-Tanned leather is exceptionally durable and has been used to build countless Red Wing styles over the years. It is water, stain, and perspiration resistant. Actively maintaining leather is the most effective way to ensure integrity and longevity. Learn more with our Red Wing care guides.

Leather Specific Care Instructions

Amber Harness

Men's Oro Legacy

Briar Oil Slick

Copper Rough & Tough

Women's Oro Legacy

Clean, Condition, Protect

Care for your Red Wing Heritage leather with our Clean-Condition-Protect regimen. Use a quick visual and touch exam every few weeks to determine if the leather needs maintenance. Clean off dirt and residue, hydrate and protect the leather, and enjoy footwear that looks better and lasts longer.

What You'll Need