Red Wing Shoes

Television Commercials

View and download commercials in Media Portal by following the instructions below. To order physical tapes call Customer Service and request any of the following items:
Red Wing Shoe Store TV – DVC-Pro HD (Item #94176)
Red Wing Shoe Store TV – BetaSP (Item #94177)
Red Wing Brand TV – DVC-Pro HD (Item #94126)
Red Wing Brand TV – BetaSP (Item #94127)
($50 refundable deposit required for physical tapes)

Preview and Download Instructions

  1. Open Media Portal
  2. Enter the username and password from the Media Portal section of your catalog.
  3. Use the left navigation go to RedWingShoeCompany > Red Wing > Advertising Material > TV Commercials > and then choose either Red Wing Shoe Store or Branded Account versions
  4. To Preview: hover your cursor on the video titled Preview Copy and click on the ‘preview’ button that appears below the image to view the commercial. You may need to hit the play button within the video that appears to begin playback. To close the preview, click the 'close' button in the lower right of the screen.
  5. To Download: double-click on the version of the commercial you wish to download (either HD or SD)
  6. Under the ‘File’ menu above the image, select ‘Export’
  7. In the pop-up menu that appears, make sure the Conversion option is set to ‘Export Original’
  8. Click the ‘Export’ button. There may be a short delay while the download is prepared.
  9. Your web browser should now prompt you to download the video file, contained in a ZIP file. NOTE: video files are quite large, and depending on your connection speed may take a significant amount of time to download.

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