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Five Against The Mountain: Building The Crazy Horse Monument

In 1939, a monument similar to Mount Rushmore was requested in order to immortalize on sacred ground the Oglala Lakota war hero, Crazy Horse, and to celebrate the Indian Nation. In 1948, a small group of craftsmen took over the monumental task of sculpting the mountain into a man. “Crazy Horse” documents the devotion they give each day in pursuit of perfection. It’s the story of five men against the mountain.

The Crazy Horse monument is a task which will surpass the team’s lifetime. Like all well-crafted achievements, it will not only live on as a tribute to those it represents, but as a tribute to the perseverance of those who built it.

Read "Capturing Crazy Horse: Filming on the mountain" about the production of this short documentary.

To learn more about the effort to build the memorial and to contribute via donation, please visit

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