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877 and 875

Looking for the iconic Red Wing styles 877 or 875? Red Wing Shoes now offers four distinct versions of these popular styles. The 10877 and 10875 styles are unchanged, except for the style numbers. These are the same work boots you have always relied on at the job site. Our new Heritage exclusive 877 and 875 styles bring back the original leather and hardware used when these iconic styles were first introduced over fifty years ago. Our legendary, hand-crafted quality is built into every pair, no matter what the style number. To see these iconic boots, just follow the links shown below.

10877 - The same purpose-built work boot   877 - The same style number, new Heritage-exclusive design


New style number, same purpose-built work boot.
View: 10877 | 10875



Same style number, new Heritage-exclusive design.
View: 877 | 875